We has the ability to measure a facility's incoming power and develop solutions to protect equipment. 

Power quality refers to electric power that drives an electrical load and the load's ability to function properly. Without proper power, an electrical device (or load) may malfunction, fail prematurely or not operate at all. There are many reasons why electric power may have poor power quality. Power quality is a very important topic to consider in current applications, especially prior to putting in a new installation, replacing old equipment, or updating electronic devices.

In power distribution, problems such as harmonic distortion, voltage variation and poor power factor are events that occur every day regardless of the size of a facility. These events generate from inside a facility, from neighboring buildings, or directly from the power company.

Our mobile testing laboratories perform, monitor and analyze any type of industrial environment in low voltage applications. Our power quality meters are able to record data for months at a time, in order to understand the nature of the problem and to solve it.